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Parametric 3D models, drawings, schedules. Everything you need in one place.



Structural composition, analysis, knowledge of buildings codes.



Experience, knowledge, reliability, correct planning and close partnership.



We Offer Our Clients


When the Structural design is the topic we either talk about the design of a new building or provide a prescription for reparation of an existing structure. The know-how we gained through the years combined with the understanding of the latest trends and design technologies elevates our design capabilities to a height great enough to meet the requirements of both tasks. We can prepare the full range of project phases (initial, basic, detail design) and with each design decision, we make our attention is focused both on the cost efficiency of the structure and the suitability for the particular situation. A good designer decision can make a tenfold decrease in the end-cost of the building. For humanity, a steel solution means reliable materials, assured material and section properties, precise off-site manufacture and long-life durability.

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Construction
  • Execution


At these days a busy everyday life often confuses clients and investors on making appropriate decisions in choosing the right building solution for their needs. The experience we possess can guide any client or investor in putting a framework around their requirements, necessities, and ideas. Based on that a preliminary design will be performed and a cost-efficient solution will be proposed. Whether we talk about a construction materials estimation or finishing works we can help in choosing the right answer for the particular situation. Don’t hesitate to ask us.


BIM modeling

Simplified collaboration, accuracy, increased documentation delivery speed, and unsurpassed quality are the biggest benefits we obtain of using BIM technology. In comparison to the traditional 2D drafting, the visualization we get through BIM models eases our clients in understanding the design process. Due to the fact that all the building documentation is created and developed in the model an unintentional mistake which costs vast amounts of time, resources and money are nearly impossible to happen.

Moreover, precise 2D drawings are the least we can do. By using advanced methods for digital project design and delivery exact quantities of building material can be obtained in less than 5% mistake and with the provision of CNC data files, we provided every fabricator can directly fabricate the building elements exactly as they are designed. If speed, accuracy, and fast coordination are needed we can provide them.


With the experience we gained, the design knowledge we have, the right tools we use and the variety of partners we keep close relation with, we can offer a complex service for developing client’s idea into the functionally reasonable project and manage the processes of design and construction.

Our managers have the resource to charter the team to a common project vision and mission so that the best use of the engineering knowledge is embedded and the client's expectations are captured. The risk is controlled by meeting the scope, schedule, and budget. Discerning these needs takes some time, but it is worth the effort. Let’s walk the way together.


What people say

Company BMCC Ltd has qualified engineering staff and it is able to complete any structural design tasks. With this recommendation, we would like to recommend the BMCC Ltd as a partner with whom it can reliably and qualitatively to cooperate in the investment projects.

Diagonal11 |

The projects of BMCC Ltd in the field of steel structures are characterized by detailed work, precision in these details and completeness of the paperwork. They also allow quality of the projects solution. We believe that BMCC Ltd is a leader in the design of steel structures. We recommend BMCC Ltd as a reliable partner in the field of design.


Working together with BMCC Ltd give us the reason to issue this reference letter to assure that the company is a reliable partner with qualified engineers, technical security and good organization to perform the assigned tasks. All the rules and standards of Solvay Sodi JSc on safety at work and environmental protection have been observed during the work out.

Solvay Sodi JSc |

The contract includes the development of the Detail design, work-shop drawings and connection design. The presented project is at highly professional level. We believe that BMCC Ltd is the leader of the field of the design of steel structures. We express our satisfaction with the proficiency, professionalism and integrity of BMCC Ltd with the development of this project.


We hereby wish to certify that the contract was performed professionally in accordance with the terms and deadlines, according to the applicable regulatory requirements. Company BMCC Ltd has qualified engineers and it is able to complete any design tasks. With this recommendation, we would like to recommend the BMCC Ltd as a parther with whom it can reliably and qualitatively to cooperate in the investment projects.


X-ARHITECT LTD is extremely satisfied not only with the high quality of the work of BMCC LTD, the precision of paper work, the observation of the deadlines of the projects handed in and the professionalism of the whole team, but we also appreciate the flexibility and the ability to reorganize the team with respect to the specifics and requirements of the projects.