As part of our consultancy services, we coordinated a cost-efficient solution for installing escalator in the new warehouse of ART 93.

Recognizing us a reliable partner in the construction field and knowing that in the end nothing less than a satisfactory result will be received, our client ART93 asked us for help in an interesting case.
As the warehouse finishing work advance, the client required a change in the project. His final decision was to open a new store for leather products on the second level of the building and for assuring clients convenience in accessing it. He preferred the option of reaching the level with escalators. Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it?
Then the interesting part of the job came. We performed on-site measurements to pick the dimensions of the existing structure and started working on several variants for choosing a cost-efficient solution. After it became clear that escalator insertion and installation couldn’t happen from inside the building. The precision and accuracy of the solution became critical because a segment of the existing curtain wall was to be removed, scaffolding should be built to aid the process of escalator insertion and no room for a mistake has to be left.
Of course, no mistake happened! We prepared a video by using the endless opportunities which BIM software offers and the accurate documentation we provided, the insertion of the escalators went perfectly smooth. Check out the video simulation we provided for the escalator insertion, and also the pictures and video which were shot during the on-site installation.
We are glad to see our customer happy again, and we wish him all interior finishing works to be completed soon.