Because of the reliable BIM methods we use and the ability to fit in tight schedules we were assigned the task to prepare detailed design and workshop drawings for the new Kastamonu warehouse in the village of Gorno Sahrane.

As the precast concrete structure erection of the warehouse advances faster than the initial plan the schedule for preparing the facade project got tightened and that’s where we have entered the project. By having all the skills and tools required under our belt we have managed to meet all the requirements for finishing the first stage of the project.
The stage consists of detailed design calculations, single part, assembly and general arrangement drawing for 465 meters of the facade and near 16000 m2 covered with roof horizontal bracings. Also, clash check was performed for finding possible conflicts between reinforcement and anchoring devices.
The process required constant communication with the architects and the main structural designer Yochev engineering Ltd. By using the convenience which BIM software offers for transferring content in a 3D environment this process was smooth and pleasant, keeping the communication clear without misunderstandings and paying attention to each detail in a fast and accurate way. Every participant in the process quickly recognized us as a reliable partner capable of mobilization and managing to keep up with the deadlines.
The hard work continues as we are assigned to complete the second stage of the process which includes 1330 meters of the facade structure and another 13000 m2 covered with roof horizontal bracings. We hope that in a short time we can also show you pictures of the elements placed at their position on site.
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