A staircase sub-project for the emblematic Ellipse center has been completed.

Ellipse center – the long expected unique building with a design inspired by the monument Pisa is about to be finished by the end of May next year. We would proudly like to announce that our company also has a contribution to the expected vision of the building. We prepared the working project for an outdoor steel staircase used for external access to the restaurant at level +6.00 [m].

As a significant and emblematic building for the city of Sofia, we were faced in front of the challenge to create a lightweight and elegant stair which fits perfectly with the modern vision of the building. A constant collaboration with the architect and the general contractor created a proper solution for the specific needs. Use of galvanized steel and restriction for welding on site led the design to the creation of elegant bolted connections. To guarantee that everything will fit perfectly a 3D BIM model was created and clash detection was performed. The steel manufacturer was provided with 2D drawings and bill of quantities for the phases of manufacturing and installation of the stair.
We wish smooth and pleasant work to all companies involved in this great project.