We have finished the complete design project for an outside emergency staircase.

Quality leather products and accessories – the synonym of the Bulgarian company ART93.

As it business grows the need for a new warehouse was on demand. After the concrete works were done and the facade was closed it came to our turn to support the client with a project for an emergency steel staircase.

Despite the relatively small size of the staircase in comparison with the warehouse, the task required all aspects which a steel structure design demands. Also, use of galvanized steel was required and no welding on site was allowed. To meet all those requirements and ensure that our project quality will be nothing less than excellent we performed following design steps:

On-site measurements for picking the existing concrete structure dimensions.

Static & Dynamic Analysis with FEM software.

BIM model to ensure accurate geometry, perform clash check and prepare an easy transmittable 3d & 2d content for fluent and exact coordination process with the architect and the client.

Fabrication and erection drawings were created from the BIM model and were provided to the steel fabricator.


We are hoping to see soon the stair placed on site, and we stay available to support our client.