Let’s make a deep review of five BIM delusions which everybody maybe has thought.

Delusion 1: BIM is only a 3D model

BIM is not a visualization of objects. BIM isn’t essentially only a model geometry. It is an assistant, who will generate digital data and documentation (drawings, reports and etc.).
3D visualizations are only one of many usages of the BIM. The main activity is focused on management of information during the design stage and usage of the building. It unites people, technology and processes. These facts make a BIM, not only the 3D model.

Delusion 2: BIM is only for large projects

This delusion exists because most of BIM examples shown over the internet are large scale projects. This fact has led people into thinking that BIM is only for large projects. Our experience assures that small projects can also benefit from the efficiencies of BIM. The positive feedback from the client is enough reason to implement BIM on a small-scale project. Even more, once you start using BIM it is difficult to cease using it.

Delusion 3: BIM is expensive

The investment at the beginning in knowledge and skills would consume time and money and it may seem expensive but in the long term conditions, BIM actually saves time and money.
The significant cost is the implementation and studying stage in the companies.

Delusion 4: BIM is only a software

BIM is not only a software. BIM is a tool where the IT industry and the knowledge of the engineers, architects, managers, and builders have met.
The usage of the BIM will change people, processes and technology. Collaboration between all involved teams will ensure that the society will get all of the advantages of BIM.
The ability to accurately relay information using a collaboration software will make it easy to identify operational costs. Therefore, decisions can be made with greater accuracy.

Delusion 5: BIM is a caprice

BIM is the evolution of the CAD systems. Clash detection is one only advantage of this technology. The process of finding inaccuracies in 3D models when designing is a cost saver. It is certainly not a caprice, it is a must.

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