All of us use cloud services (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.) to host different types of content – presentation files, projects and so on.

The challenge was set: How to implement the cloud technology in order to host central files for BIM models?

Knowing what we know about central files and workshared environments, we knew that it is possible to find a way to “trick” the software into seeing an identical file path to central file. Then we could create a local file. It does not matter where the location of the file is and that the computers are not in a common network.

There is a small free software “Visual SubST” (link for download below) which is very useful to virtually map each of our computers to the same drive location and to the cloud.

Visual SubST

Once every participator involved in the construction process had mapped the newly created drive “R:” to their computers, there is the possibility to path the central file appropriately!

We have been worksharing with our partners using this method. In case you are interested in the BIM services we offer, visit Home Page.


Download Visual Subst