30 May

The month of Residential Buildings

We completed all structural design phases of another residential project located in Sofia, Manastrski Livadi.

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Residential Building in Sofia, Geo Milev

All phases of the structural project are ready for a new Residential building in Geo Milev neighborhood.

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15 May

19 Apr

Tall Engineering manufacturing building expansion

The detail design project which includes structural joint design and manufacturing drawings is ready.

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29 Mar

05 Mar

OCP Maroc Phosphore Safi, Unit DCP – Dicalcium phosphate

Structural analysis, manufacturing, and erection drawings were prepared for the Dicalcium phosphate unit expansion.

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Office and storage building in village of Tsalapitsa

Our team has finished the basic design phase of the project.

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17 Jan

06 Dec

Emergency staircase design completed for ART 93

We have finished the complete design project for an outside emergency staircase.

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Residential house in Dragalevtsi neighborhood

We completed all structural design phases of a residential project located in Sofia, Dragalevtsi.

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30 Nov

10 Nov

Outdoor restaurant and pergolas for Odessos hotel

Change of project during on-going building works was performed for improving the vision of the outdoor space in front of the hotel.

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Ellipse center outdoor stair

A staircase sub-project for the emblematic Ellipse center has been completed.

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23 Oct