Structural analysis, manufacturing, and erection drawings were prepared for the Dicalcium phosphate unit expansion.

When industrial project enters for design and redesign, it’s always a challenging task to meet all the requirements and create it in such way that building works execution doesn’t affect the production cycle. Our reach experience in that field is the reason why the service we offer is recognizable.

The open-air industrial buildings are interesting engineering task because of their peculiarity.

A basic example for those peculiarities are the wind loads determination procedures which should take into consideration the solidity ration of the building. Another example is the fact that regularity criteria of the building are usually not met and behavior factors should be modified properly. Also, the proper composition should leave enough space for placing required manufacturing equipment. Those and many more were required during the design process.

With the proper construction composition we suggest, the advanced methods of structural analysis we apply and the BIM technology we use in creating manufacturing and erection drawings meeting all the requirements was a pleasant job for us.

Closing successfully that project we hope for more similar tasks in which our professionalism and complex problem-solving approach can be exposed.

Let’s wish our client to continue strong on his up growing path and success in the upcoming building works.