Change of project during on-going building works was performed for improving the vision of the outdoor space in front of the hotel.

As a trustful and capable of mobilizing team on urgent projects which require completion in time less than a week our company in partnership with X-architect we prepared structural and architectural working projects for the newly improved vision for the outdoor space of Odessos hotel.
The hotel is located in the oldest Bulgarian sea resort Saints Constantine and Helena and is currently in a phase of building. With the building restrictions during the summer season for our clients was important to receive a project which has no mistakes and everything fits perfectly on site.
In order to meet those requirements, our engineers prepared the whole package of documentation needed for completion of the change. Design reports were prepared to describe the calculations for the structures, FEM models were used for structural behavior analysis, verification of the structural members and design of construction joints. Next step was building a complete BIM model with both reinforced concrete and steel included. In that way, all possible mistakes from complicated geometry or unwanted clashes between anchors, reinforcement and steel structures were avoided. Although the tight schedule an optimum design was achieved, and by using the enormous possibilities of BIM for transferring information the architectural and structural models were perfectly synchronized and the communication was going in a perfectly smooth way.
Many thanks to our partners for a great job. We hope soon to be on the same track again and complete another project.