First EPCM project in the UK

BMCC’s task in this project was to design and built an extension to a family house in the UK. In the beginning, the support steel structure was designed from non-European steel sections. BMCC’s team was involved in the static calculation and substitution the initial cross-sections. The design calculation was successfully verified by a licensed British engineer. A coordination with domestic architects was performed. BMCC Ltd has managed to design and manufacture the needed steel elements in a tight schedule. The fabrication was followed by express transfer of the steel structure to the UK. On-site we’ve managed the ongoing works. The following activities were performed within the deadlines:

Steel analysis and design

Coordination with licensed UK engineer

Coordination with the Architect

Workshop drawings



Excavation and concrete works

Bricks works

Erection works

Finishing works

All of these activities were managed by BMCC’s team.

  • Client: Private

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