LUDAN Engineering February 1, 2021

LUDAN Engineering recommend Building Management and Consultancy Company (BMCC Ltd) as a company which offers outstanding services in particular Structural Design, Advanced BIM Modelling and creation of eligible manufacturing and erection drawings. Comprehensive design reports, complete and accurate
BIM models with clear drawings generated directly in them, were the end result of their passionate work.


HMC Plc. January 4, 2021

BMCC Ltd was assigned by HMC Ltd with the development of fabrication drawings and details’ design of steel structures. With the help of BMCC’s team we have managed to increase significant our productivity due to the usage of BIM technology and precise timing of each phase. The projects of BMCC Ltd in the field of steel structures are characterized by detailed work. We believe that BMCC Ltd is a leader in the design of steel structures. We recommend BMCC Ltd as a reliable partner in the field of design.

Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. December 22, 2020

The management of “CORDEEL BULGARIA” Inc. is issuing this reference stating that the company is reliable partner for design of concrete and steel structures, combined with the use of BIM thechnologies. BMCC Ltd has experience in the field of design engineering and highly qualified personnel. The company commitments were executed on time, with high quality and in compliance with the existing…

SIDI logo

SIDI Ltd. April 8, 2019

SIDI Ltd has been using BMCC Ltd detailing services on a project for a new pipe rack in Amylum, Bulgaria. The project included all stages – steel detailing, fabrication drawings, NC files, steel fabrication and finally erection. We have managed to order the materials for the structure early in the design phase right after the initial 3D model was finished.

Bertram Ingenieursbureau March 25, 2019

Thanks to their experienced team and BIM technologies, together we were able to design several multi-story steel structures with a complex geometry. The projects included – 3D modelling of the basic geometry and the details, fabrication drawings, digital files and erection drawings.

Yochev logo

Yochev Engineering Ltd. March 25, 2019

I would highly recommend eng. Ivaylo Yotsov and his team.
BMCC’s team are both easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Our firm feels very fortunate to have the services of Ivaylo Yotsov and the engineering staff of BMCC as a consultant/design team member.

PM logo

PM Engineering Ltd. March 20, 2019

We’re pleased to write a letter of recommendation for the team of BMCC Ltd.We have known BMCC since they were founded and with part of their team we have worked together even before that.During that time we have built a partnership and have worked on a number of projects.

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ISTRA TMT Ltd October 26, 2018

ISTRA TMT Ltd. expresses its gratitude to the team of BMCC Ltd. for the professional work on the project “External Evacuation Steel Stair for Ellipse Center” in Sofia. The project documentation included production drawings, nesting, installation plans and full specification of the materials.



Architectural atelier – Varosha Ltd October 24, 2018

Thanks to the engineers of the design company BMCC Ltd a complete project documentation was developed, fully consistent with all norms and standards. BMCC Ltd professionally fulfills its tasks, taking into account the specific conditions of the projects, operation, and services of the sites.


SP Structural design July 30, 2018

With pleasure, we would like to state BMCC team has the ability to communicate and work collaboratively and unselfishly towards the common goal. If there is a challenge in the territory of steel design or BIM modeling they are the right company to team up with.


vvarch logo

VVARCH July 2, 2018

We hereby wish to certify that the contract was performed professionally in accordance with the terms and deadlines, according to the applicable regulatory requirements. Company BMCC Ltd has qualified engineers and it is able to complete any design tasks.


Solvay Sodi Logo

SOLVAY SODI June 16, 2018

BMCC Ltd has completed several projects. Working together with BMCC Ltd give us the reason to issue this reference letter to assure that the company is a reliable partner with qualified engineers, technical security and good organization to perform the assigned tasks.


Diagonal11 logo

Diagonal11 June 2, 2018

Company BMCC Ltd has qualified engineering staff and it is able to complete any structural design tasks. With this recommendation, we would like to recommend the BMCC Ltd as a partner with whom it can reliably and qualitatively to cooperate in the investment projects.



HERKAL Ltd March 27, 2018

BMCC Ltd was assigned by HERKAL Ltd with the development of fabrication drawings and details’ design of steel structure of “Extension of apartment complex “TOPOLA SKIES” with residential building with studios, admitted building and swimming pools.


x-architect logo

X-architect February 27, 2018

We believe that BMCC LTD is a market leader in the design of steel and reinforced concrete structures. We highly recommend them as a partner in this field. The projects of BMCC Ltd in the field of steel and concrete structures are characterized by detailed work, accurate workshop drawings and BIM models.