Steel producers order steel and fabricate steel due to structural design requirements. A time and cost efficient aspect of steel production is the steel detailing process. Even a small error can lead to a loss of time and money. Structural steel detailing is an important and mandatory process in all types of manufacturing and construction activities.

The process of steel detailing connects key professionals which are individually and collectively responsible for the highest levels of accuracy at each stage.

All steel members, required to build the structure, are fabricated from shop and erection drawings created by the structural steel detailer.

BMCC Ltd has experienced designers, engineers and detailers, who are able to deliver on time high-quality documentation and within budget.

With specialization and expertise in BIM software, our dedicated and diligent team works with client design teams worldwide to produce accurate BIM models and layout drawings.

By working with the BMCC’s team, you can rest assured that you get the quality and detailed drawings to ensure that the contractors will know what needs to be done. You may even be able to have a walk-through a model so everyone will be aware of what the finished product will look like, prior to its construction.

Advantages of outsourcing the steel detailing:

Time-saving: it is time-consuming to create the shop drawings and details. Instead of spending all of that labour, the companies prefer to outsource and let experienced engineers complete it. The client could choose what service (3d modelling or drawings’ creation) to contract out and to allow their team to work on rest;
Cost Savings: it could be significant. If the client chooses to outsource, he won’t have to hire an experienced engineer and invest a time in teaching
Accurate Drawings and documentation: working in BIM model from qualified and experienced engineers assure that even the small inaccuracies are avoided.
Better Reporting: there are a variety of reports that can be created when premier software is used. This includes material summaries, gather sheets and much more. This will ensure that everyone involved in the construction process is on the same page. It will also allow those in the fabrication stage to know exactly what needs to be created while those in finance will be able to attach a value to it for budgeting purposes;
More convenient information: information that you received from a third party can ensure that the BIM model is available when and where you need it the most;
Quality Tools: the drawings can be integrated into a variety of systems. These will be used not only by the fabricators but also by facility managers, once the project has been completed. The more drawings and details you have, the easier it will be to keep everyone updated.
CNC files: to be continued in the next post…

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